Online Character Counter: Calculate String Length

Enter the text, and then click "Calculate!":

How Do You Use the Word Counter Tool?

To use the word counter tool, simply enter in the string you wish to count the word occurrence in the text box. Once the string is copied into the text box, simply click the button ‘calculate’, and the word counter tool will display the number of words in your string directly below! There is no limit to the number of times you can use the word counter tool, so feel free to use it as many times as you’d like!

Who is The Word Count Tool For?

The word counter tool was designed for users who are constantly writing/typing during their work/school day. Whether you are a journalist, blogger, highschool or college student, the word count tool will make your life easier when tracking the number of words in your work! Of course there are no requirements for who can use the word count tool, we understand that this tool can be helpful to many!

When Would You Need the Word Count Tool?

The word count tool can be extremely useful for many different tasks, assignments, or projects. For school students, they commonly are assigned to write literature reviews, analyses, or lab reports, and usually are required to hit a certain amount of words for the assignment. The word counter tool will significantly help them keep a pulse on the number of words they have written and make their process easier to follow. For journalists or bloggers who are writing to hit a weekly or monthly quota for words written, the word counter tool can help them manage their work and stay on track to ensure they are working to hit their required quota. Whatever the reason may be, String Funciton’s word counter tool will easily count the number of words in your string and help you work through whatever task you are trying to complete!